About Me


Greg Jefferson is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer. Self-taught, he started doing photography about 8 years ago. He developed his passion for photography as a child while helping his grandfather take pictures during family and church events. As a teenager, he turned to drawing as his creative outlet, but then found photography again as an adult. He started off just doing casual street photography while traveling and later turned to doing events for friends and family. He knows that a photographer should stick to one field, but he really enjoys the craft of photography. As you can see from his work, he shoots fine art, portraits, landscape and events.

A Camera Is A Save Button For The Mind's Eye. - Roger Kingston

Artist Statement

Through photography my work is presented with the aim to not only provide an idealistic view but to identify how light and the environment interact with each other. By experimenting with aleatoric processes, I formalize the coincidental and emphasize the conscious process of composition, which produces my seemingly random works. By shooting this way and post processing I create work that explicitly expresses my creativity in daily life. It is also a way for me to explore the range of possibilities allowed through subtle changes in color and composition. I see my work as an attempt to express light, color, and structure in all its beauty.

When I’m out shooting I try to focus on the activity of presenting. The character, shape or content of the presented artwork is secondary. The essential things are the moment and the intention of presenting. When I frame shots I imagine how I would want a piece of art to look on a wall. I shy away from adding elements to images thru digital manipulation and shooting typical poses with portraits. I prefer the portraits I shot be to candid, natural, and represent the human condition. By emphasizing aesthetics, I create work that deals with the documentation of events and how the viewer can feel as if they were there at that point in time. 

My work tries to express this with the help of spontaneity and perfect timing. For some viewers black and white images radiate a cold and uneventful image. But, for me when I create black and white images, my focus is to remove the color so the beauty and simplicity emerges from the scene with no distractions.

I seek to create an engaging visual image through technique, color and composition. My art is not an excuse to present overly-complex theories or ideas. When shooting I focus on the energy of a place and its emotional and spiritual vibrations to create the shot. My work establishs a link between the scenes reality and that imagined by its conceiver.

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