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Greg Jefferson



My name is Greg Jefferson and I am a Brooklyn, NY based photographer. I have been doing photography for over 10 years now. I developed my passion for photography as a child while helping my grandfather take pictures during family and church events. As a teenager, I turned to sketching with charcoal and graphite as my creative outlet at the time. Then I made my way back to photography as an adult. I started off just doing casual street photography when on trips and later turned to doing corporate events and headshots while in Washington DC. Once I moved to Brooklyn, I stepped away from that side of photography to pursue more fulfilling creative work.

Artist Statement

My background in sketching has a heavy influence on my photography work. When I set out to create with my camera I focus on form and composition. When I frame images in my mind I imagine them as if I am seeing them framed on a wall. I naturally choose black and white as my preferred style, since I used to sketch with charcoal and graphite pencils. Sketching involves a lot of different shading techniques that produce a range of tones in the work that you create. When I shoot, I try to capture a variety of tones to give my images that same depth that my sketches would have.

I use the phrase "Everyday Crafting" to describe my body of work. Everyday I work on getting better whether it be going out to shoot, editing work, or researching photography. I don't focus on creating special projects or a specific genre of photography. My main focus is on getting better at the craft of photography and creating something special every time I shoot, no matter what the subject is. My portfolio is a representation of all those special times.